ENGL 2740 Study Guide - Final Guide: Didacticism, Metafiction, Intertextuality

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1 Dec 2011

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List of terms for part ii of exam. Accumulation, repetition, relations > bal"s principals of characterization. Something crafted, and does things b/c of things example: when you reach me. We are introduced to the notes before we know what is happening story. Almost always has a contraction that happens in the readers mind. It"s not what is in the text, its the chronological sequence of events. Relationship between two textual streams in picture books. Moments in text when we are involved, we are engaged in the books. Fiction that takes on fiction itself as its concern. We have a character that is obsessed with a book and reads it. At the beginning when she rights a letter, she does not know where the story begins. This is metafictive b/c it is encouraging us to think how does one decide to make a story?, how does one narrate? etc.

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