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ENGL 3550 Study Guide - Mahala, South Carolina Highway 5, Persian Language

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ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

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Lecture Mon Apr. 1 2013
Homebody Kabul
Geography of the Play
-the Homebody: “I am reading from an
outdated guidebook about the city of
Kabul. About the city of Kabul. In
Afghanistan” (9)
-Act 1, sc 1: london
-Act 1, sc 2 to act 3, sc 1: Kabul
-Act 3, scene 2: Khyber Pass
-Periplum: London
Act 2, sc 5
-Mahala: “you love the Taliban so much, bring them to New York! Well don’t worry,
they’re coming to New York! Americans! (85)
-Excerpts from script:
-Quango Twistleton (103) (British man speaking enlgish)
-Mahala (87) (Pashtun Afghan woman speaking English)
-The Munkrat to Priscilla (44) (Pashtun Afghan man speaking Pshtun to British
woman speaking English)
-The Homebody (various pages from act 1, sc 1) (British woman speaking
-Kushner’s comments
-international focus
-“people don’t suffer within borders”
Languages in Play
-several forms of English
-Farsi (13) Urdu (20) Pushtu (20) referenced
-Dari (35, 83)
-c.f. mothers “tongue” in opening monologue
-language of peace, “common humanity” (58)
“we are so afraid of the attacks we have forgotten our own names and can’t even
understand what we say to each other” (8)
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