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We/i would like to being with acknowledging that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the attawandaron (neutral). This territoty is covered by the upper canada treaties : many of the texts in this course are not necessarily canadian literature in that the authors and publishers were outside of canada. Since looking at the founding, there is no. Americus rediscovers america; he calls her once and thenceforth she was always awake , jan. Van der straet (engtraing), amerigo vespucci discovery america (1575) Reality: he has a dependency, but cannot subjugate the people, tries to be highhanded but every time is undercut, moments of contact zone (inequality, knowledge contact) Map of new france (1612), samuel de champlain: much of the information on his maps was from an indigenous informant. Battle with the iroquois, engraving, samuel de champlain (1613) and text reading. Key terms: civility (daniel coleman, racial naturalism vs.