ENGL 3630 Study Guide - Final Guide: William Wilfred Campbell, Sara Jeannette Duncan, Bliss Carman

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Responsible government: 1840s/50s, compromise between parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, transfer of power to the colonies without severing imperial ties. New political culture in british north america gave rise to common attitude towards the. Any sense of shared identity among the colonies was grounded in their consciousness of not being american. Founded the dominion of canada: colonies nova scotia, new brunswick and the united canadas (ontario and. Canada still maintains status as a colony, with a british crown as its legal head of state (executive power) and a nation with substantial authority (legislative power: not fully independent. Status as a nation and colony would be a source for debates and anxiety. 1870s manitoba, british colombia and edward island joined. Brainchild of john a. macdonald, george-etienne cartier, and george brown. Our present imperfect autonomy in 1867 : sara jeannette duncan. Secured government control over indian rights, status and lands. Goal was to assimilate and civilize natives.

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