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EDRD 3500
Marianne Staempfli

EDRD 3500 Final Exam UNIT 1 Leisure including recreation and tourism play an important role in most peoples lives Leisure may consist of casual activities such as going for a walk taking a drive through the country or going to a movie with friendsOr it may involve more formal leisure activities such as playing on a hockey team taking swimming lessons or volunteering in the community Some of you may not only have been consumers of recreation and tourism services but may also have been involved in the delivery of leisure services Leisure has the potential to promote positive impacts on the quality of life of individuals and communities For individuals leisure presents an opportunity for social interaction and for developing friendships improving physical and mental health and for learning new skills and gaining knowledge At the community level recreation and tourism may lead to positive social cultural and economic impactsAccording to the UN declaration leisure is a right of all citizens not a privilegeIn Canada recreation and tourism services are universally available to all members of a community FALSE The most difficult aspect in providing recreation and leisure services to a community is to get the funding for the development and delivery of services FALSE Recreation planners and other service professionals have always worked closely with each other and community members to assess the diversity of recreation and leisure needs of its members FALSE CASE STUDY ONE Article from CityNews entitled Dog Park Poisonings Take Bizarre New TwistIn this news report two groups are competing for the use of the Park dog owners and their dogs and adults and children from the neighbourhood wanting to use the park Two dogs have died and four others were sickened after it appears they came into contact with a poisonous substance at the leash free area earlier this week The deceased animals were found to have ingested a deadly ingredient in antifreeze which lead to their sudden demise The others may have drunk from bowls containing suspected tainted water near a hydrant and whole wheat bread soaked in a sinister substanceSome people believe that the incident was intentional while others are still unsure and do not want to jump to conclusions Nonetheless the incident did occur and both user groups are faced with concerns At the bottom of this news article there are links to other similar dogpoisoning incidences throughout the Toronto area Toronto is not unique to such incidencesDog Owners concerns safety of their pets dog no longer able to play carelessly and enjoy the full benefits of a leash free zoneOther park users personal safety dog bites dog intimidate some users park cleanlinessGeneral Issues of the Dispute There was some conflict between supporters of the leashfree dog park zoning and dog owners and those who support the use of the park for unorganized activities pursued by individuals in their leisure time Some people connect the way a park is used to the overall health and safety of the community For example some claim that a park is important to families and that it is important to keep a park a safe place where parents can come and watch their children play without worrying about dog feces or being bit by a loose animal Larger Issues of the Disputelarger issues that contributed to the dispute These include different visions of leisure and how local park spaces should be used the relationship between how High Park is used and the overall health of the community and the importance of public consultation Possible Solutions You may have suggested that you would let the police investigate the incident and leave the park zoning as is figuring that the members of the public would come around Or you may have taken an opposite approach and held a public meeting that would have allowed all interested members of the community to voice their concerns Then you may have asked members of the different groups to create a task force to determine how the park space can be shared and such an incident can be avoided in the future Or perhaps your ideas fell somewhere in between these two approaches Each of these approaches reflects a different planning style Cops are sweeping the entire park and are telling pet owners to avoid the area or keep their animals leashed and to be extremely careful about what the pets have access to Because they admit they have no idea how far the contaminated items may have been scatteredIt is important to keep in mind that achieving excellence in the planning of recreation and leisure services means we must Develop skills and techniques that help us avoid conflict between groups with different leisurerelated needs and interests or at least be able to help resolve conflicts that arise Develop our listening and observational skills to be able to understand the views of different groups of people and the environment within which these groups operate Broaden our perceptions of planning and leisure to facilitate the processes in 1 and 2 In addition the article highlights the idea that many recreation and tourism activities are not compatible Therefore these activities cannot be scheduled in the same facility or for the same site Another source of much debate in communities is the topic of user fees for recreation services and facilities provided by municipalities Whereas in the past many services and facilities were provided to members of the community free of charge communities are now faced with decreased budgets that do not allow them to meet all the needs of the community through the delivery of free services Signs Your Dog May Have Ingested AntiFreeze Drunklike or staggering movements Vomiting Excessive drinking and urination Sudden improvement due to metabolizing ethylene glycol followed by a relapse a day or two later Depressed affect Weak Dehydration Diarrhea
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