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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

A situation in which a person takes ABUSEadvantage of a less powerful personThe legal transfer of rights and responsibilitiesADOPTIONfrom one set of parents to anotherThe act of having sexual relations withADULTERYsomeone other than your spouseAcquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeAIDSA sexually transmitted diseaseLack of clarityAMBIGUITYA procedure in which some of the fluidsurrounding the fetus is drawn off and AMNIOCENTESISexamined under a microscopeAn individual high in characteristicsANDROGYNOUSof both masculinity and femininity Balance of masculine and feminineANDROGYNYcharacteristics in ones personalityARTIFICIAL The practice of using sperm from a donor to fertilize the eggINSEMINATIONASCRIBED A relationship that belongs to a particularrole rather than being a matter of choiceRELATIONSHIPTaking on the values and ASSIMILATIONpractices of the majorityA parenting style that requiresAUTHORITARIANunquestioning obedienceA parenting style that sets expectationsAUTHORITATIVEfor children but adjusts them to the individualAn arrangement where both father and motherBINUCLEAR act as parents to their children followingFAMILYdivorce while they maintain separate homesBOOMERANG Children who return to theirparents home after moving outKIDSAn imaginary line marking who belongs BOUNDARYto a systemA state of physical and emotional exhaustionresulting from prolonged stress from BURNOUTtrying to live up to impossible goalsLiving without sexual gratificationCELIBACYCHRONIC Prolonged illnessILLNESSCHRONOLOGICAL The number of years aperson has livedAGE
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