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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2060

FRDH 2060 Midterm Review -socio cultural factors- is what shapes how we view again and how we interpret our biological changes, intentionally or unintentionally -the long haul-not just at the moment but mentally, physically and socially-lifespan theory Q. Italy, japan, costa rica, Greece A. blue zones, high concentrations of elderly people used these to create new thinking strategies and when drawing upon those strategies that worked in the past A.fluid and crystal intelligence Q.its the perspective that shouts “intergenerational conflict is coming” A. apocalyptic demography Q.its particularly a problem for caregivers and makes them age faster than others A. Stress Q.the general category of what you might have if you cant remember where you are and get very anxious at night A. dementia Q. you shouldn’t throw stones, but if you did it this shows that it would effect everything, even the unseen world in some cases A. ecological model (2 types) Q.its this and affluence of a country that lowers mortality rates A.smaller gap between the rich and poor Q.eating, bathing, toileting, walking and dressing A.activities of daily living Q.what is likely to happen
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