FRHD 3040 Midterm: Midterm 1 Study Guide

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3040
John Greenwood

Test 1 Study Guide 1. Tamis-LeMonda et al. (2008): • Ways that collectivist and individualist values may co-exist • Behavioural and psychological goals of parenting • Developmental goals based on autonomy and relatedness 2. Chuang (2013): • Father Involvement: The limitation of the application of Lamb and colleagues’ model to Chinese fathers • Conceptualization of parenting by Chinese parents • Contexts that fathering should be placed in to better understand fathering among ethnic minority and immigrant families 3. Miner (1956): • Society that the article is about • Implications for understanding culture 4. Garcia Coll et al. (1996): • The core of theoretical formulations of children’s development • Eight major constructs hypothesized to influence developmental processes of children of colour • Constructs that are unique to families of colour 5. Part et al. (2014): • How findings challenge dichotomous views on child socialization as collectivistic in the East and individualistic in the West
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