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University of Guelph
Food Science
FOOD 4310
Keith Warriner

Summary for Discussion 1 (Group 3) In group discussion of FSEP Prerequisite Program Review, the following sub-element of PRPs’ in a food manufacturing plant were discussed in detail: Requirements before shipping A food manufacturing plant should have adequate procedures in place to ensure that the finished product meets all the food safety requirements before it’s shipped to consumers. - This prevents contamination of the finished product and also the damaged food packages are also eliminated - This PRP also ensures constant monitoring at every production step in a plant Sanitary Facilities - Hand-washing stations A very critical PRP in a food plant is Sanitary Facilities especially hand washing stations. A food plant should have properly maintained and convenient hand washing stations with hand-washing reminders at various locations. - Proper hand washing before change of every task by the personnel eliminates the risk of contamination to a huge extent as the food-handlers have direct contact with food at every production step. - Also, the hand washing stations should have proper disposal with no rusting or clogging so as to prevent contamination. Along with hand washing, a policy for wearing plastic gloves to ensure proper hygiene should be in place so that plastic gloves don’t become a source of contamination. - Washing hands and frequently changing before changes of task is very important to ensure food safety. It is also a very critical safety precaution to make use of metalized bandages, earplugs and possible gloves to ensure that they are detected if they accidently fall in the product. Pest control Pest infestation in a food plant can have serious implications in a food manufacturing plant with a very high risk of food contamination due to pathogens and spread of disease to consumers. - To prevent the pest infestation a proper, documented Pest Control Program should be in place to e
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