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Critical period: if opportunity is ruined than that opportunity is gone. Mesosystem (child and another relationship parent, teacher) Recognize people are different but the same. Acculturation: cultural and psychological changes that individuals face as they come into contact with new cultures. Inner drives and motive that influence thinking and behaviour. How to learn behaviours reward and punishment. Children considered little scientists because of their curiosity of the world they live in. Accommodation: need to change way of thinking. Experiment: with groups put them under some conditioning/setting and see what happens. Participants: cross sectional: compare 2 groups, longitudinal: same group monitiored over long period of time, cross sequencial: mix of both types. Average labour for first pregnancy 12+ hours, 2nd 7+ Pre-term, lbw have long term consequences in adulthood (ex. Teratogens: anything that harms fetus (drugs, stress, malnutrition) Timing of exposure to embryo can alter, and cause development to stop. Couvade: experience similar biological and psychological symptoms.

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