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FREN 1150 Final: Yabla vocab unknown

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French Studies
FREN 1150
Olivia Palermo

Unit 2 : Le Journal - Un automne bien chaud Vide = empty Déluge = flood Glissade = slide (down a hill) Galet = pebble Le plongeon = the dive (has to be with ‘le’ to be dive otherwise ‘plongeon’ is plunge Baigner = swim/bathe depending on context Viens = come Venir = to come Polémique = controversy/ argument Bain= bath/water to immerse one’s self in Prévu = planned/ anticipated Amenés ici = brought here Décoller (verb) = to take off (detach) Ravie = thrilled (delighted/happy) Rencontrer = to meet Unit 3: Le Journal – Les Restos de coeurs Quel Bazar = What a mess Chansonette = little song Hante = haunt Repas = meal Dernière = last Passer (verb) = to cross/ to pass/ to reach (go up in value) Vouloir = to want Connaître = to know Partir = to leave (in context: where will all that go) Camionnette = van Repartir = to divide (spread) Bénévole = volunteer Par an = per year (an means a year as in 12 months while année) Rien = left (as in what’s left)/ nothing/ very little Réinsérer = reintegrate Logement= housing/ home meaning NOT house Enlever = to remove Unit 4: Chocolats de Bellevue – Le travail du chocolatier Coffret = box Gérant = manager Plutôt = rather (would you rather) Qui vous fait Plaisir = what would you like Fabriquer (verb) = to make Laquelle (feminine) = which (specific talking about) Lequelle (masculine) = which Enrober = cover Le gout = the taste Réussi = success Emballages = packaging À la fois = it is both Fois (by itself) = time ainsi depuis = and since/ as a result consommateurs = consumers terroir = land Unit 5: Le Journal - Nouveaux artistes pluriculturels Epoque= period (time) Étoile = star (best) Devenir= to become Devenu = became (past of devenir) Sa marque = her brand Réussite = success Débarquée = landed Vouloir = to want Précis= specific Permet = allows Pouvoir = to be able to Surtout = absolutely/especially Depuis toujours = always (forever) Pourtant= nevertheless Moeurs = customs/habits/ culture Unit 6: Le Journal – Milady Manigances- conspiracies Intrigant(e)- schemer (deadly) Fenêtre= window (could mean “eyes) Sème = sow/speading (words) Foi – faith Loi – law Malédiction = curses Plus proche =closer Motards =bikers Pourpoint = doublet Cuir – leather Siècle- century Surtout = mostly Unit 7: Le Journal – Le bac Ses compains = her friends Démontrer = to prove/demonstrate Lu = read (past tense) Souvenais = remember La même chose = the same thing L’épreuve = the test/exam Besoin = need Énoncer= to phrase Sens= sense/meaning Recevoir = received A reçu = passe compose of received (he/she) Début = start/ beginning Recueillir = to gather Carrément = bluntly/outright Mauvais = bad Régles =rules Eux-mêmes = themselves Former = to shaper/develop Oublier = to forget Boutade = joke Unit 8: Le Journal
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