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GEOG 1200
Kate Parizeau

Review of Course ContentGlobal geographies in historical perspective Introduction to human geography Chapters 1 and 2ThemesThe end of the last ice age led to mass human migration and new socialenvironmental relationships around the worldThe shift in subsistence strategies and enviro management led to rise of agriculture and the attendant socialenvironmental changes that it brought represents a moment of radical change for humanityLand plantsanimals available increased enviro management new climate change restraints tech adaption allows migration more permanent settlements so larger communityfamily sizes still some HG groupsIntensification of land for food production popn pressures not necessarily more efficientHierarchical societies and division of labour began inequality status slavery enviro degradationPlace matters the rise of agriculture and human civilizations occurred through distinct processes and with diverse outcomes in different regions Had diff technologies art and ideology built into diff landscapes Emerging from the Dark AgesthEurope 514 centFall of Roman Empire feudalism Crusades climate change tech advances growth of geo knowledge more tradeth1415 cent Renaissance land pressures weaponry desire of mass quantities of foreign goods worldviews encouraged exploration and exploitation The era of European expansion and Imperialism brought many distinct cultures and societies into contact with one another with varying colonial results and created numerous new socioenvironmental relationshipsthFirst wave of imperial colonialism 1519 cent international division of labourregions of specializationIndustrial Revolutionthth1819 cents tech innovation developments concentrated affluencepower Ex Europe US JapanththSecond wave imperial colonialism late 1920 centTerritory grab response to British Industrial dominance Lasting impacts of colonialism underdevelopmentdependence irrational bordersWorld systems theoryTo explain interdependence of diff regions ex Core periphery developmentalist capitalcentricInternational Development Core moved to financial capitalism communist USSRChina rise of transnational corporationsFirst core Second communist Third what is leftover Globalization more wealth but not equally shared How Canada fits in Territorial conflicts confederation infra expansion WWIII urbanization migration colonialism FrenchEnglish relations 1Important terms and conceptsHuman Geography the study of spatial organization of human activity and the ppls relships w enviroGathererhunter community activities whereby ppl feed themselves via killing animalsfish and gathering fruitsnuts etcWomen collected most of the foodcalories had strong social roles communities small bc move around 2days of work rest leisure time Localized geo knowledge full subsistence some enviro management ethnic diversity like todayEthnocentrismattitude that one persons own race and culture are superior to those of othersImperialismextension of the power of a nation through direct or indirect control of the economic and political life of other territories Colonialism the establishment and maintenance of political and legal domination by a state over a separate and alien societyPostcolonialismbroad set of artistic political and research approached that examine the consequences of the end of European colonialism and neocolonialismeconomic and political strategies by which powerful states in core economies indirectly maintain or extend their influence over other areas or people CoresemiperipheryperipheryCore regions that dominate trade control the most advanced tech and have high levels of productivity within diversified economiesSemiperiphery regions that are able to exploit peripheral regions but are themselves exploited and dominated by core regionsPeriphery regions w dependent and disadvantageous trading relationships obsolete technologuiss and underdeveloped or narrowly specialized economies w low levels of productivity Fastslow worldsFast ppl places regions directily involved as producers and consumers in transnational industry modern telecommunications materialistic consumption and international news and entertainment Slow ppl places regions whose participation in transnational industry modern telecommunications materialistic consumption and international news and entertainment is limitedRegion a larger sized territory that encompasses many places all or most of which share similar attributes in comparison w the attributes of places elsewhereLocation a place of settlement activity or residencePlace makes the area unique places have meaning individual significanceAccessibility the opportunity for contactinteraction from a given pointlocation in relation to other locationsSpatial interaction is the flow of products people services or information among places in response to localized supply and demandFour concepts complementarity transferability intervening opportunities spatial diffusionScale general concept that there are various scales of analysis local regional national global that they are linked and that processes operating at one scale can have significance at other scalesDistance and connectivitynot just physical distance may connect to places far apartSpace absolute processes take place within spaces the way we see it doesnt just have to do w the measurementsTerritory pplanimals occupy space relships of power and to claim the space and its uses2
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