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University of Guelph
GEOG 1220
Jennifer Silver

Exam study guide —Economy —Institution —State —Carrying capacity —Natural resource —Externalities —Tragedy of the commons —Resource and environmental management *note: slides 32-44 present examples of key ideas and trends for the purposes of course overview. It is not advisable for them to be taken as your main study guide. Also know definition, key ideas, and examples State, economy & culture —State institutions determine laws and regulate human behaviour (often trying to reduce impact) —Economic relationships and market demands are powerful drivers of activities from production through to consumption —Culture is a force that affects what individuals think of as normal, how different societies value nature, and, what and how much we desire to consume Know: Timber tenures in BC- avoid over harvest- they allocate -tenures commonly grant rights to: —Harvest (once vs. multiple times) —Include/exclude others from forest area —Be involved in management decisions re. Harvest practices and rates, reforestation, conservation areas Rules and regulation commonly stipulated in tenure agreements: Annual tenure fees and ‘stumpage rates’ Volume and/or area that can be harvested over a period of time Harvest methods Where wood is processed (more rare) Don’t memorize numbers just know trends in consumption of water Canadian fisheres value: docks have been declining and prices of fish have been increasing What about ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction? -ABNJ management falls to the UN. Currently there is no UN agreement in place to oversee conservation in ABNJs.
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