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GEOG 1220 Exam Overview

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GEOG 1220
Jennifer Silver

GEO Exam Review Overview What can human geography bring?  Economic development & well-being  Institutions and governance arrangements  Society & culture  Politics and power  Regulations and incentives  Population dynamics  Case studies, historical analysis and spatial comparison State, economy & culture Social structures that mediate the relationship between society and environment  State institutions determine laws and regulate human behavior (often trying to reduce impact)  Economic relationships and market demands are powerful drivers of activities from production through to consumption  Culture is a force that affects what individuals think of as normal, how different societies value nature, and what and how much we desire to consume Basic concepts on exam:  Economy  Institution  State  Carrying capacity  Natural resource  Externalities  Tragedy of the commons  Resource and environmental management slides 31-43 Timber tenures in British Columbia Tenures commonly grant rights to:  Harvest (once vs. multiple times)  Include/exclude others from forest area  Be involved in management decisions about harvest practices and rates, reforestation, conservation areas Rules and regulations commonly stipulated in tenure agreements:  Annual tenure fees and ‘stumpage rates’  Volume and/or area that can be harvested over a period of time  Harvest methods  Where wood is processed (more rare) Water consumption  Patterns and trends  Household use in broader context (municipal waste vs. all of Canada) Canadian fisheries value  Fish stocks have been decreasing  Fewer fish=increase in pay for fishermen  Market failed to capture the value of healthy marine ecosystem o If value seen, demand would be less for fish Ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction  Negotiation based on consensus  Can be confusing for outcome to be agreed upon Oil drilling  Exploratory drilling: small, de
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