GEOG 1220 Study Guide - Final Guide: Stumpage, Small Hydro, Syncrude

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Case studies, historical analysis and spatial comparison. Social structures that mediate the relationship between society and environment. State institutions determine laws and regulate human behavior (often trying to reduce impact) Economic relationships and market demands are powerful drivers of activities from production through to consumption. Culture is a force that affects what individuals think of as normal, how different societies value nature, and what and how much we desire to consume. Be involved in management decisions about harvest practices and rates, Include/exclude others from forest area reforestation, conservation areas. Rules and regulations commonly stipulated in tenure agreements: Volume and/or area that can be harvested over a period of time. Household use in broader context (municipal waste vs. all of canada) Market failed to capture the value of healthy marine ecosystem: if value seen, demand would be less for fish. Can be confusing for outcome to be agreed upon. Exploratory drilling: small, deep holes to determine whether extraction should be done.