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Supplementary Texts, Videos, and Exam Essay Questions

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University of Guelph
GEOG 1220
Richard Kuhn

Supplementary Texts Videos and Exam Essay QuestionsLester Brown Plan B 20 2006Chapter 12 and 13Chapter 1Slide PresentationsNitra Valley Slovak RepublicInner Mongolia ChinaVideosEmpty OceansEmpty NetsThe Flight of BIRDManufactured LandscapesCase Study 1 Slovak Republic Nitra ValleyProblem Displacement It is not always evident that a particular issue has been solved or if its immediate implications have merely been displaced One temporary solution causes another problem in a different areaSpatial Displacement Super smokestackDisplacement to another mediumMunicipal waste incinerationTemporal Displacement Burial of nuclear fuel wasteNotesNuclear reactorsrequire an enormous amount of brown coal to workhighly inefficient lots of wasteAir pollution severeacid rain near power plants are burning trees to twigs sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide mixes with moisture within the atmosphere to produce acidAttempted to solve this by creation of slurry leftover lignite ash mixed with waterSlurry producedliquid toxic ash waste was needs to be disposed of and therefore was pumped into an earthen dam However the slurry reached Nitra River creating an enormous amount of contamination Soil covered the area growth now occurringThe slurry got into the groundwater as well and the hot springs tourist attractions had to be shut down Many locations were shut down as a result of radiationPollution still manages to become airborne in the long runWidespread damage in many formsattempts to displace the pollution appear futile Solutions available Change the source of energyor leave
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