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GEOG 1350 Midterm: test 2 study notes

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GEOG 1350
Jaclyn Cockburn

find more resources at GEOG 1350: Test 2 Notes, W17 Recurrence Interval/Return Period • Time between an event of similar magnitude/size repeats in same location o R.I = (n+1)/m Risk: Estimation • Probability a destructive event will occur multiplied by the event’s likely impact on people and property (cost essentially) Mass Wasting • Rock Fall o Fall: Free falls, rolls, topples (Frank Slide) o Topples: Moves about a pivot point • Slides o Transitional (Planar): Failure surface parallel to angle of slope o Rotational: Failure plane convex up (C shape up) • Debris Flow o Speeds up moving, non-constant speed • Avalanches o BC, Avalanche Probes, air bags, shovels, dogs, sheds, cords, fences, explosives • Moisture, Material, Speed Sink Holes • Dissolution of rock o Caves, underground streams, springs, tower karst (steep limestone pillars) • Water + Carbon Dioxide = Carbonic Acid • Ground water pumping, drilling gas, mining Thermal Regime for Permafrost • Permafrost: soil cemented with ice for at least 2 years • Continuous o Mean annual temperature less than -5 C • Discontinuous o Mean annual temperature greater or equal to -5 C to 0 C o Covers 50%-90% of landscape Subsidence • Nearly vertical downward movement of Earth’s surface • Freezing/contracting Headland Erosion • Headland, cave, arch, stack Wave
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