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Case Studies Review for Midterm 2

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GEOG 1350
Jaclyn Cockburn

Case Studies Midterm 2Wildfires BC 2003 southernhappened in july and augustcaused by careless smokers and lightening strikesmost costly wild fire in canada history is the Okanagan Mountain fire difference in this fire and the many others was the number people and the amount of property in the paths of the firesanother fire in 2009 in BC lessons learned costs were high 400million2 factors contributed to the severity of the fires in 2003 and 2009 o long droughts with hot very dry summers leaving forests and soils dry o the forest floor had an overabundance of deadfall and other fuel the result of decades of effective suppression 1 wildfires require abundant fuel2 wildfires are becoming more disastrous because more people are moving into scrublands and forest lands at the ruralurban interface 3 firemanagement policies need to be reevaluated to minimize future damageIndonesian Fires of 19971998islands of the Borneo and Sumatrafires made worse from drought caused by El Nino eventso much smoke causing a hazeppl forced to wear masks problems such as respiratory eye and skin ailmentsschools and businesses closed low visibility caused plane crash in northern SumatraCO2 released from fires consumption of fossil fuelsOrangutans habit ruinedCauses of fires to make them out of control o Drought caused by El Nino caused the set fires to spark much larger wildfires not being able to be containedYellowstone Fires of 1988fires benefit ecosystems so scientists believe fires should not be suppressedany human caused fire would be extinguished immediatelylightening caused fireexpanded in dry hot summer conditions fueled by high winds Julyrains caused fires to slow downsnowfall extinguished the flames in November
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