GEOG 1350 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Coastal Erosion

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Plate tectonics: major levels on earth"s cross section: inner core, outer core, mantle (largest section), crust, uppermost layer of earth (lithosphere) is strong and rigid relative to asthenosphere (beneath lithosphere, lithosphere broken into plates that move relative to one another, three types of plate boundaries: divergent (mid ocean ridges or spreading, plate tectonics determines where and how frequent volcanic eruptions, centers), convergent (subduction zones), transform faults earthquakes, tsunamis, and landsides happen on earth, disaster: hazardous event that occurs over a limited time span in a defined geographic area when loss of human life and property is significant a disaster has occurred, recurrence interval: the time between successive floods, eqs, or other disastrous events (often expressed as average values, in years, based on a series of events, hazard: the probability that a specific damaging event will happen within a, risk: proportional to [probability of occurrence]*[cost of the probable loss from particular period of time the event]

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