GEOG 1350 Study Guide - Final Guide: Shortwave Radiation, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Lieu-Dit

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Chapter 11- hurricanes and extra tropical cylones. Electromagnetic radiation: energy traveling through space as waves, many orders of magnitude of wavelength, coming from the sun- visible light- shortwave radiation (0. 4-0. 7 um) Incoming solar radiation climate system: shortwave radiation hits the earths system and drives our, of all the energy coming from the sun 70% reaches the, 2/3 contributes to heating earth and lower atmosphere climate system. Radiation balance: to maintain balance earth loses some heat. Also referred to as longwave radiation: 45% of incoming absorbed by earth at surface, 25% absorbed in atmosphere, 3-% reflected to space- 25 from atmosphere, 5 from earth, 70% heat lost to space. Without atmosphere temp of earth would be -16 c the greenhouse effect warms our temperature by ~31 c. Equator is warmer than poles: unequal distribution of radiation to earth surface + unequal absorption and reflection. Albedo is the percentage of incoming radiation that is reflected rather than absorbed: surface color, incidence angle.