GEOG 1350 Study Guide - Final Guide: Electromagnetic Radiation, Cold Front, Negative Mass

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Electromagneic radiaion- energy (heat) from the sun that travels in short wave lengths. 70% of radiaion coming down reaches the climate system. Any object, whose temperature is > absolute zero (0k, -273 c), contains some heat that is being radiated away from that object. This is why the equator is warmer than the poles. Unequal distribuion of radiaion on the surface is further compounded by unequal absorpion and relecion. Lower angles of incidence light up more (the snow relecion thing) Angle of incidence: the angle that a ray of light makes with a normal to the surface at the point of meeing. Diferences between heaing land and oceans: low laitude oceans are the storage centers for earth"s solar heat. It takes a lot of energy to heat up water, which is why water holds a lot of energy: wind blowing across the surface sir the upper layers (100m) vs, landmasses.

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