GEOG 1350 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Stream Gradient, Aquifer, Active Layer

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Multiple choice: the ratio between resisting forces and driving forces on a slope is/are, can vary with changing precipitation rates b. Perfect storm"), when the jetstream was blocked" and caused a large low-pressure system to stall on the east side of the rockies: snow melt this past spring was delayed. This means there was a lot of water" potential waiting to be unlocked" (melted). Karst is the formation of landscape due to a dissolution of limestone, dolostone, marble, gypsum, or rock salt. Due to the landscape"s ability to dissolute quickly due to the acidity of the water breaking down the material (typically in limestone), a sinkhole is formed easily in the landscape. The lag time between the rainfall event and a stream flow response is short due to typically low infiltration rates caused by impervious surfaces. Longshore drift refers to the transportation of sediment along smooth coastlines that extends the beach and can cause barrier beaches.