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GEOG2210 Midterm Notes (Lectures for Weeks 1-5)

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University of Guelph
GEOG 2210
Ben Bradshaw

ER MIDTERM NOTES WEEK 1Tues Jan 10 and Thurs 11What is enviro o OBJECTIVE biophysical world that surround and supports us and plantsanimals o SUBJECTIVE objects and systemsprocesses that linkchange themSocietyhumans and their systems of culturepoliticseconomic exchangeImpossible to separate humansenvirohumans depend on enviro o Enviro always fundamentally socialEarths ability to absorb waste is finite ways to sustain o Control enviro change o Manage resources efficiently o Stabilize popngender equality of women have more rights will have less popn o Reduceeliminate poverty HumanEnviro Interactions 1 Natural Resourcesdesirableusable parts of enviroTypes o Stock Nonrenewable oilRecyclable metals o FlowPerpetual solar energyRenewable fish treeskey is rate of extraction compared to rate of regeneration can become stock resource Influences on demand human wants enviro perceptions resource prices rulesregulations2 Natural Hazardsconditionprocess of biophysical enviro harmful to humansTypes o Geophysical climatemeteorologicalgeologicgeomorphic o Biological floral faunalHuman actions can cause or at least exacerbate live in hazard prone areas tech can alter adaptabilityEX Concentration of poor people in hazardous areas coastal devt reduced natural coastal defences3 Enviro ImpactChange in biophysical conditions attributable to human actionCan be manifest in resource depletion pollution enviro restructuringWEEK 2 Jan 17 Tuesday PopulationAs a Cause of Enviro Degradation 1
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