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University of Guelph
GEOG 2480
Janet Mersey

Cartographic Communication and GIS VisualtizationCartographythe art science and technology of making using and studying mapsReference or General Maps used foroSurveying Geodesy Topographic Maps and Concerned with accurate base mappingThematic Maps used foroSpatial Analysis GIS Data Processing Symbolization and Concerned with communicating distribution of phenomenaMap DefinitionsoICA 1960 A map is a representation normally to scale and on a flat medium of a selection of material or abstract features on or in relation to the surface of the earth or a celestial bodyoThrower 1972 A map is a representation of all or part of the earth drawn to scale on a plane surfaceoCampbell 1984 A map is a device for storing and communicating information about the physical or social phenomena that are distributed over the Earths surfaceoRobinson 1984Dent1998 A map is a graphical representation of the milieu all aspects of the cultural and physical environmentoMuehrcke 1978 A map is any geographical image of the environment includes air photos and satellite imageryoBurrough 1987 A map is a set of points lines and areas that are defined by their position in space with reference to a coordinate system and by their nonspatial attributesTypical Properties of a Conventional mapoMaps show 2 aspects of reality Spatial informationwhere places areAttribute informationtells something about those places all maps have both types of info but may stress one over another eg General Mapsspatial ThematicattributeoAll maps are reductions of reality scalesoApplying a map projection changes the geometryoPlanimetric point of viewoAbstractions of realityoUse signs and symbolsCartographic Communication Model SLIDE 3 Set oneGeographic Information SystemsDefinitionsoBerry 1993 GIS is an organized collection of computer hardware software geographic data and personnel designed to efficiently capture store update manipulate analyze and display all forms of geographically referenced informationoCowen 1990 GIS is a system of hardware software and procedures designed to support the capture management manipulation analysis modelling and display of spatiallyreferenced data for solving complex planning and management problemsoLongley Goodchild Maguire Rhind 2005 GIS is a computerized tool for solving geographic problemsoLongley Goodchild Maguire Rhind 2005 GIS is a spatial decision support systemKey Ideas About GISoCan manage and integrate very large datasets gleaned from diverse sourcesoOperations can be simple or complex and include data input spatial analysis and ouputoCan be used to create new info and reveal trends or relationships which may otherwise be invisibleoAllows interactive data exploration and analysis to support decision makingoAnalysis contains error
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