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GEOG 2480
Janet Mersey

Exam FormatCumulativemore emphasis on material since midtermFormatsimilar to midtermoShort Answer20Q out of 40 pointsAnswersDefinitionsGive exampleName somethingShort CalculationNo conversions or equations givenoLong Answer4 out of 6Q worth 10 points each out of 80How you would map some particular dataHow you process dataAppropriate symbolization schemeSketch legend for map as wellQuestion about ArcGISask how you do something and how you would go about doing thatData SymbolizationLineFlow MapsMap on which the amount of movement along a linear path is stressed usually by lines of varying thickness andor changes in hue value or saturationDisplays quantitative linear data not volumetric with line symbols Data may be absolute or derivedNegative and zero values cannot be mappedFlow Maps ShowoMagnitude of flow width or hue of lineoOrigin of flow endpoints of lineoDestination of flow endpointsoDirection of flow arrows drawn on lineDirected and Undirected Flow MapsoMay show route of flow placement of line may show actual route or a generalized routeOriginDestination MapsParameters of Flow MappingMethod of ScalingoRangeGradedhas a sample of lines and data is divided into classes and maps will only have widths presented in the legendoProportional Widthmost flow maps are proportional width scalingLine width Scaling unit valueoExample slide 1 set 8Line Placementmap projection will control where the lines goLegend DesignoRuled LineoStairstepoSpecified key valuesoRangeGraded Essential Design Strategies1Flow lines are the highest priority in visualgraphic importance2Smaller flow lines should appear on top of larger flow lines if they must cross or overlap3Arrows are necessary if direction of flow is critical to map meaning4If the data permit the map designer control in line placement lines should be placed in a manner that balances the entire map5Land and water contrasts are essential6Projection its center and aspect are used to direct the readers attention to the flow pattern important to the maps purpose
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