HISP 1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Brown Hair

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4 Dec 2011
Leccion 4 Study Notes for Exam
Words to remember:
La bebida – beverage
El brindis- toast
El cine- movies, movie theatre
Los entremeses- appetizers, finger good
El exito- success
El(la) invitado(a) – guest
La madrina –godmother
La novia- girlfriend
El novio- boyfriend
Los ojos- eyes la pareja- couple
El padrino- godfather el (la) primo(a)- Cousin
La torta-cake
Brindar- to toast
Conocer- to know
Dar- to give
Estar- to be
Gritar- to shout
Levantar- to raise
Llevar-to take
Mendar- to send
Saber – to know
Traer- to bring
Ver- to see
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