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Leccion 5 Exam study notes 2

Hispanic Studies
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HISP 1100
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Leccion 5 CONT
Present progressive:
Describes an action in progress
Hablar- hablando
Comer- comiendo
Pedir- pidiendo (asking for)
Decir- diciendo (saying)
Servir- sirviendo (serving)
Dormir- durmiendo (sleeping)
Traer- trayendo (bringing)
Leer- leyendo (reading)
Between vowels becomes “Y” Ex. Leyendo.
Use of Ser and Estar
Describes the basic nature or inherent characteristic of a person or thing. also used with
expression of age that do not refer to specific numbers of years.
Ex. Anita es timida ( anita is shy) or Anita es joven (anita is young)
-used with de to indicate the origin / nationality
Ex. Carmen es cubana; es de la Habana ( Carmen is Cuban ; she is from Havana)
- it is used to identify professions & jobs
Ex. Yo soy professor de frances ( I am a French professor)
-with de, used to indicate possession or relationship
Ex. El vaso es de ana (the glass is ana’s)
- with de describes materials that things are made of
Ex. El telfefono es de plastico ( the telephone is (made of) plastic)
-used with expressions of time and dates:
Ex. Son las cautro y media ( it is four thirty)
-used with events at the equivalence of “taking Place”
Ex. La fiesta es en mi casa ( the party is(taking place) at my house)
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