HIST 1010 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: John Calvin, Cape Verde, Huldrych Zwingli

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Interpretation: society was becoming more intolerant by the end of the 15th century. Came from china and moved along silk road to mongolia. Moved bodies to the city of kaffa. Bodies were thrown into black sea and disease spread to italy (1347-1351) Reach most of europe wiped out 1-2 third of european population. Bubonic pleague (spread by flees of black rats) Bacterial spread of ticks from rat to rat. K(cid:374)o(cid:449)(cid:374) as (cid:271)u(cid:271)o(cid:374)i(cid:272) plague (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause people got (cid:862)(cid:271)u(cid:271)os(cid:863) (cid:271)la(cid:272)k lu(cid:373)ps. Black death was confirmed as bubonic plague. Break down of judicial systems (corruption and chaos) United in canon law enforce through ecclesiastical courts. Popes arbiters in international disputes: pope could threaten to discommunicate which could cause currption. Population shortage arises between 1300-1400 when black death arises. Catherine of siena (shamed gregory xi to return to rome) Now have three popes (pisa, rome, avignon) 1497 sea route to india (luxury good) shipped around portugal. Colonization of ireland continue into 16th century.

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