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Began when holy roman emperor ferdinand ii of bohemia attempted to curtail the religious activities of his subjects, which sparked rebellion among protestants. Edict of restitution reclaimed lands in the empire belonging to the catholic church that had been acquired and secularized by protestant rulers, prohibits calvinist worship calvinist lands given to catholics. Ended with the peace of westphalia settled the issues at hand, put an end to both the eighty a(cid:374)d thi(cid:396)t(cid:455) yea(cid:396)"s wa(cid:396), set the stage for religious tolerance. 1617: ferdinand styria was the successor of bohemia. 1618: calvinists revolt defenestration of prague (threw people out of windows) 1620: elector palatine (frederick v) loses battle of white mountain. 1621: calvinism suppressed in bohemia suppress lutheranism. 1624: calvinism suppressed in moravia: danish intervention. 1625: denmark enters conflict ferdinand of styria successor to bohemia. 1627: albrecht von wallenstein occupies jutland peninsula (parts of hamburg, lubeck, 1629: treaty of lubeck (denmark not allowed to fight: swedish intervention.

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