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Propaganda, not enough to just kill your enemy. Fought over english claims to the french throne increased political competition and rise of artistic patronage. Famous because of its pitch battles, where the infantry takes down the cavalry. Pike and shot - growth in army size. Growing accuracy of cannon: siege warfare more effective. Use of ships to transport army: wider theatre of war. Battle of sulys- english destroyed the french navy giving them almost complete control over the. By 1372 the tide of the war turns over in favor of the french. Battles start to fizzle out (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause kings ha(cid:448)e to deal (cid:449)ith ur(cid:271)an riots and disease and cannot focus/ afford war. Best boats are built and commanded by italians. They work out treaty"s that italian captains have to fight and supply ships during war time and on. Spain and portugal use italian captains not war time can trade.

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