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HIST 1010 Mock Midterm (F11)

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University of Guelph
HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

Hist*1010 Fall 2011 midterm exam preparation This practice exam is similar to the one you will write on Tuesday 19 October 2011. Same structure, but different questions: the 19 October 2011 is closely tuned to the work which we are doing this semester, up to 14 October 2011. Answers to these questions can be found in the textbook chapters 11 to 14 inclusive (pages 289 - 344), in seminar reading, including the web-linked primary source documents, or in your lecture notes. There are three parts to this exam: I) Identification and significance questions, for 15 points, in which you identifyand discuss the significance of three from a list of nine historical terms, concepts or events in a four to five sentence paragraph. These terms are drawn from the lectures, from textbook readings (Western Heritage chapters 11-14; including the list of AImportant [email protected] at the end of every chapter), and the readings assigned and discussed in the weekly seminar, weeks I-V). You willcomplete this section on the lined and numbered sheets provided in the exam copy itself II) identify and discuss significance of document excerpt. For 5 points, identifyand discuss in four to five sentence paragraph, one of three document excerpts. These document excerpts are taken from the documents studies in seminar Weeks I-V. III) Multiple-choice questions (35), for 35 points, which test your understanding of the material covered in the course up to 14 October 2011. Questions are drawn from the textbook, from lectures, from seminar discussions. This section willbe completed on a machine-readable sheet, which must be filled out correctly with your name and student number. Total: 55 points._______________________________________________________________________ I. Identify and discuss historical significance (5 marks each). /15 For three of the eight terms below, identify and discuss in a short paragraph (four to five complete sentences) the historical significance i.e. Why is it important, and what does it tell us about larger events or processes? sample terms: Ninety-five Theses: Martin Luther; Posted in Wittenberg; opposed to churches selling of indulgences John Calvin : Founder of Calvinism; Ptolemy Joan of Arc: Thought God would save her; heretic; tried and executed burned at stake Justification Council of Trent II. Identify and provide the significance for one of the following three quotations. (5 marks) 1) AThey will be condemned eternally, together with their teachers, who believe themselves sure of their salvation because they have letters of [email protected] Luther 95 Theses 2) AHer chaste and lovely form was laid in the church of the Franciscans, on the evening of the day upon which she [email protected] Petrarch – Letters to Laura 3) AThere are two main ways in which those who have travelled to this part of the world pretending to be Christians have uprooted these pitiful peoples and wiped them from the face of the [email protected] Las Casas Bartolome III. Multiple choice (please complete in pencil on the answer sheet) /35 1. The studia humanitatis consisted the following: a. law and theology b. liberal arts c. chivalry and civility d. scholastic philosophy 2. Many late medieval Europeans perceived that their security was threatened by the a. Spanish empire b. Kingdom of Granada c. Aztec empire d. Ottoman Empire 3. The "new monarchs" of the late fifteenth century in Europe: a. continued the trend toward decentralization b. were often obsessed with the acquisition and expansion of power c. attempted to build up the nobility for support d. accepted the domination of the church as a matter of course 4. Humanists studied moral philosophy (ethics) a. as a means of persuading their fellow citizens. b. to gain insight into the lives of past humanists. c. rather than abstract philosophy. d. in order to undermine traditional Christianity. 5. John Wyclif did all of the following except: a. claim the pope was the Antichrist b. claim faith alone was the Christian's sole source of authority c. claim there was no scriptural basis for papal claims of temporal authority d. condemn the printing of the Bible in the vernacular 6. The Courtier exemplified the 16th-century shift from a. chivalric to courtly manners b. idealism to realism c. feudal to "national" outlook d. knightly warfare to infantry and artillery 7. The humanist contribution to scholarship included a. revival of ancient historical methods. b. principles for analyzing ancient texts. c. a method for interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphics. d. a style of historical and literary investigation that would perfectly re-create old masterpieces. 8. The fall of Constantinople in 1453 was accomplished a. by a force of Italian, English, and French soldiers b. with little loss of life c. after numerous attacks and a lengthy seige d. only two weeks after the first attack 9. The ASociety of [email protected] model entails a. domination by the Nobility b. parity between the four social classes c. Tax exemption for the third estate d. none of the above 10. Which of the following is true of Hernán Cortez? a. he believed he was a divinity and demanded worship from his soldiers b. he was afraid of horses c. his goal was to become Emperor of Mexico d. he was illiterate e. none of the above 11. What fourteenth century peasant revolt in France represented reaction against the power of landlords? a. Jacquerie b. Compi Revolt c. Revolt of Paris d. The Peasants' War 12. Which of the following were not introduced into Europe through overseas exp
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