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HIST 1010 Final Exam Review (F11)

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HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

1 HIST 1010 Exam Review with James o Courselink – Exam layout o Put name, student # o Write in blue or black pen o Put #’s on each page Start with Part 3 o Essay – Candide o Jot down outline o Double space o Clear thesis statement o Key themes you will be addressing – name them Ex. Religious, economic (ex. tie to Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, transatlantic trade), scientific, social, agricultural, war o Brief conclusion (name at least 3 people or events per paragraph) o Key elements – quality over quantity o ** Keep to the page requirement o Opening scene in garden; sees people having sex – relate to Eden; OR palace gardens of Versailles > talk about luxurious castle of Louis XIV; lavish goods; beautiful gardens > connect to scenes of Candide o 4-5 body paragraphs; brief into/conclusion o 3 Years war – talk about military change – role of military in Candide and make connections of military in course o French Wars of Religion – tie into absolute monarchy (just before 30 Years’ war) > tie with Candide/make connections o Minimum of 3 very strong connections o Talk about slaves, colonies, triangular trade > Age of propitiating; expansion of global market; capitalism > tie into Candide o People dressed in blue – supposed to represent Prussians o Get Candide drunk – get him to work for army > make connections to wars in Europe o Voltaire, through Candide, making comment on military o Jacques Anabaptist – sinking ship, Anabaptist drowning > make comments about religion o Views on education – Candide is in Versailles-like, absolute monarchy castle then experiences real world; hit with harshness > changing; living experience; people learn through life’s practices; tie in Adam Smith and his views on education – all people should have basic education o Cultivate ones garden – garden could be Eden (Adam/Eve); Adam eats apple – confronted with reality
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