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Week 2: Chapter 9: The Late Middle Ages

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University of Guelph
HIST 1010
Susannah Ferreira

The Late Middle Ages Social and Political Breakdown 13001453 Late Middle Ages saw almost unprecedented political social and The12ecclesiasticalschism distress War plague andwere three great misfortunes offourteenth and fteenth centuriestheThe Black Death plague struck fourteenthcentury Europe when it was already Bubonic from overpopulation and malnutritionsufferingNew technology increased food supply and in turn the European population doubled from 10001300thereNowwere more people than there were jobs or foodCrop failures between 1315 and 1317 produced the greatest famine of the middle agesEuropes population was highly vulnerable when a virulent bubonic plague struck full force in 1348It was called the Black Death because it discolored the bodyIt followed trade routes from Asia into EuropeThe eas that from the rats most likely brought it to Western Europe Areas that lay outside the major traderoutes appear to have remained unaffectednumerous reappearances occurred in succeeding decadesThere was no apparent explanation and no known defenseIn some places Jews were cast as scapegoatsThere were drastic social and economic consequencesEnglish Parliament was forced to limit wages to preplague levels and restrictability of peasants to leave their masters land This sparked the English thepeasants revolt in 1381The taille was the direct tax on peasantry in France it increased during this timeThe omnipresence of death brought appetite for goods Expensive clothes and jewelry furs from the north and silks from the south were in great demand indecades after the plaguetheThe prices of manufactured and luxury items rose to new heights encouragingto migrate from the countryside to the cityworkers1 Of or relating to the church2 A formal division within or separation from a church or religious body over some doctrinal difference
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