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Entire Final Exam Review Week 7-12
Entire Final Exam Review Week 7-12

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University of Guelph
HIST 1150
Brian Mc Dougall

History Exam ReviewPolitical IdeologiesDemocracy giving the vote to everyone regardless of ethnicity gender etcLiberalismthe main ideology of Europe progressive thinkingconstitutional government religious toleration free tradeLiberals thought it was their duty to civilize EuropeBelieved there was an endgoal that we were moving closer towardsNationalisman ideology that placed the strength of the nation above individual rightsSocialisman economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy or a political philosophy advocating such a systemCommunisma social political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of a classless moneyless revolutionary and stateless socialist society structured upon common ownership of the means of productionMarxismbelieved that the production of goods created a minority of owners of production and a majority of workersthis unequal relationship between owners and workers was the cause of the constant struggle between themin the view of Marxists it ended when the oppressed class overthrows the dominant class and that this revolution was inevitable LeninismThe theory and practice of proletarian revolution as developed by Leninproletarian lower social class usually the working classMarxismLeninisma communist ideology officially based upon the theories of Marxism and Vladimir Lenin that promotes the development and creation of a international communist over a revolutionary socialist state that represents a dictatorship of the proletariat MarxistLeninist society seeks to purge anything considered bourgeois idealist or religious from itFascismFascists proclaimed their determination to restore law and order in society using whatever force was neededFascists said they intended to smash the existing order of things including much that conservatives held deadtheir mission was to replace capitalism with a national socialismLecture 7 Decolonization in CongoDecolonization OverviewDecolonization started in the middle to late 1950sin 1960 among a dozen territories under French control were liberatedNigeria and Belgium Congo in the 1960s were freed from the Britishthe decolonization process in Africa began late and proceeded very quicklyit took until the 1950s and 1960 to decolonize Africa1957Ghana was first African colony to be granted independence Portugal was the last country to decolonize and did so in the 1970s ignoring the winds of change of the other European countriesit was only after the revolution in Portugal in 1964 that lead to democracy in the Portugal and decolonization laterdecolonization was rarely a troublefree process as places where there were settlers were not happy to give up their landwestern lead organizations handed out loans which kept Africans in debt for a long periodthe Cold War standoff also came to Africa and effected how liberation occurredUS and Russia became very involved in African states after decolonizationDecolonization Case Study 1 Decolonization in CongoCongo was brought under Belgium ruleCongo was very rich in natural resourcesvast resources of zinc diamond copper rubber etcCongo seen asa particularly prized assetBelgium did not really try to educate the Congo people Patrice Lumumba1958formed the Congolese National Movement MNCthe only antitribal prounification partyCongo was a vast territory with a lot of different nationalitiesLumumba spent years in jail for opposing the government1959Belgium first thought of the idea of granting independence1960Belgium said that June 1960 is when they will grant independence to Congothe Belgians purposely left Congo quickly to create an independent political cultureelections held in 1960the MNC won enough votes making Lumumba the first Congo Prime MinisterLumumba stood up against western powers who had their own ideas about nationalism and independenceLumumba openly criticized Belgium in front of all of the other countries criticizing their 80 years of oppression and not thanking Belgium for granting them independence this caused him to be on the United States radarthe CIA was aware of his communist or socialist qualitiesNeither the US or Belgium took kindly to LumumbaCivil war broke out very quicklyLumumba was overthrown in September 1960 and in January
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