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Science History Midterm prep.docx

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University of Guelph
HIST 1250
Tara Abraham

Science History Mid-term preparation :@:@:@ Babylonian Science: Babylonians studied the philosophy dealing with the ideal nature of the universe and began using internal logic within their predictive planetary systems. This was a very important contribution to natural philosophy; their new approach was considered a scientific revolution by some and considered as a beginning to what this course refers to as “natural philosophy”. Naturalistic Explanation: The explanation that one seeks to describe events/circumstances with scientific evidence that can be supported and tested. It is an explanation that has no involvement of a divine being. Pythagoras: An ancient Greek philosopher who introduced the concept that the world is not based on matter but on number. He sought explanations of the universe through numbers and mathematics. Hippocrates: may have been a person, a mythical figure or a collective group. It is believed to be the source of Hippocratic system of medicine which is based on the concept that the health of a patient is based on the balance of physical, social, mental and spiritual health. Heraclitus: A Greek philosopher that based his philosophy on a world that contained a dynamic equilibrium of forces that were constantly struggling against each other. These forces included fire at the heart of the system, and earth and water constantly battling each other. He was the first to introduce these three forces of nature to natural philosophy. Zeno’s paradox: Zeno argued that for one to travel a certain distance he must trave
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