HIST 1250 Study Guide - Final Guide: Materialism, Phlogiston Theory, Gs1

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All bodies are made of four elements: air, earth, water, fire, change the quantities of these elements, you change what bodies are made of, all bodies move by nature in straight lines. Two possible reasons for the movement: enlightened caliphs seeking prestige, spread of islam to new areas, the house of wisdom, library and translation centre in baghdad not just that, was also a research centre, demonstrates support of caliphs for learning, brought people together to do science contributes to science taking off since communication is key, not just an institution but a change in culture. In arabic the idea of internal and external nature: if you change those things up, you can have a new element, used chemical techniques like distillation to make perfume, al jabir, metals formed by a fusion of sulphur and mercury, sulpher gives it fire, mercury gives it changeability.