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HIST 2070
Norman Smith

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Hist2070DE World Religions in Historical Perspective Dr. Edward Smith, Ph.D. Summer 2013 Final Examination Due August 11, 2013 Part A Identify and state the historical significance of six of the following twelve. [five marks each, for a total of 30 marks for Part A] Martin Luther▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Vedas Sunni▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ power/power-control Master K’ung!▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Qur’an Shi’a▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ The Bab Pure Land▯▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Humanism Numinous▯▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ ▯ Constantine For 2 bonus marks - identify & state the significance of the photograph following: Part B Answer two of th
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