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Notes for almost the entire course. Missing Two lectures.

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HIST 2100
Alan Gordon

le New France Under Royal Control 1 Louis XIV Personal ruleAbsolutism Colbert2 A Royal Province A new political structure De tracy and the carignansallieres Peace and settlement Jean Talon and economic expansion 3 Western Expansion versus the compact colony The theory of mercantilism The French West India Co Frontenac as Governor Holding the interior1 Louis XIV 16381715 The Sun Kingth Was the Sun of Louis 13when his father died he was crowned king of France at age 5 Instead of him ruling his mother acted as successor and appointed someone to act as a prime ministerwho would govern Franceth France at this time was a very fragile countryMiddle of the 17 C at war with Spain and itselfdis unified country1661 Prime Minister diesLouis XIV appoints himself to run the entire country I am the state the government is me MORE SYMOBLIC Reasonabsolutismkings rule by divine right therefore kings should have the right to rule entire nation divine right of kingsHe even believed he was superior to the pope as wellnd 2 part of absolutismGLORY System where a king would be wealth powerful through military and prestige and leadership STRONG MILITARYextending power through military dominance Colbert jeanBaptistein charge of colonies and financesuse economy as a means to expand Frances interestmodernizing the state starts to look at New France he sees that it is not very glorious and doesnt properly represent French Glory 2 1660 Adam Dollard des Ormeauxheld of Iroquois for a weekall French still died Dispute about the storyy New France was pinned down and vulnerabley WHY 100 associates was bankrupt profits from fur trade never showed upy By 1645bankruptNO money coming in and nothing to support growing colonyNew France did not symbolize glory Colbert decides to put resoures within colonyDeclared New France as a state of France and establishes a new political structure pg 89 le 1 Governorincharge of foreign policy2 Bishopchurch appointed official 3 intendentminister of the interiorget colony working farming commerce business etc4 sovereign councilsuperior councillaws etc not that influential as a separate entity Colbert set this up because he didnt trust people of the colony intendant and governor would report on each otherchecks in balance system Report back to Colbert Adversarial system1665 under the command of de tracy and the Cargignan Sallieres Reginmentsent from France to destroy the Iroquois for New France security 1667terms of peace were met more symbolic than a realityso many soldiers scared the Iroquois into signing the treaty Peace allowed settlement to increasefrom 16631673 2000 people came to new France Laying the foundations of a stable colony John Talon First intendant of new france Create a colony that is self sufficient Went about setting up a series of different businesses Set up st Maurice Forges PROBLEM skilled labor had to be imported from France Very expensive to import skilled workers therefore these businesses never made profit He wanted to expand settlementcreate a massive wave of migration BUT saw the problem that most immigrant were MEN He decided that woman should be shippedwards of the state were given this option Often these woman were impoverished in debt people who didnt have a lot of other options 774 woman came to new france to get marriedFilles du roi Women had a lot of power in these negotiations and within the marriage contractsMassive Wave Colbert was concerned about the effects of the dwindling number of people within France Scared about the well being of France if so many people go to new France 3 Compact Colonyeasier to control cheaperPROBLEMmany of his governors saw expansion especially for the means of trading fur as a better economic option rather than containment ththMercantilism1718 C closed economic system Adam SmithIdea that wealth is connected to defense trade BUT internally Closed system of tradeyour people trade only within our selves 0 sum gamethere was a set amount of wealth in the world Early understanding as economics as a form of warfare leEx French west Indian company 1664 created by Colbert to rival Hudson Bay and dutch east India co Believed that France would control the entire Atlantic territorycreated a clear trading link of the Caribbean and Canada for sugar Main source of wealth STILL for new france was the fur trade BUT there was a very small number of French fur traders so all the fur came from trading alliances with natives Frontenac Example of quazi fur trade FORT FRONTENACwanted to control a strategic part of the fur trade Began to commission explorations 1673commissions an exploration to the Mississipi river1673 the river is found and New Frances territory expands Rene Robert Cavelier de La Salle Sent exploration to Mississpi riverDOES not flow into the ocean but rather to Mexico PROBLEM very swampy Ended up in texasinsisted he found the mouth of the missispi Holding the interior fortsFrench picked up on a very important systemgiving gifts and holding ceremonies continually reaffirming alliances with natives System was created by Champlain North America1704 Down to 2 major European powers competing for powercompact colony fell
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