HIST 2510 Study Guide - Final Guide: Antiseptic, Radiography, Otto Von Bismarck

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10 Aug 2016
December 3rd, 2015
Modern Europe since 1789 – Final Exam Review:
Date: 17 December 2015, 19:00-21:00, Richards 2529
Multiple choice 20 questions
Identify and explain 4 questions
Short answer 2 questions
1 essay answer
Can be on anything between the years 1789-2000
For identify and explain remember to give significance of your chosen item
For essay construct a brief outline first, to direct your thoughts
The only way the textbook would play into the exam is if you actually read the textbook and want
to use the information to support examples for essay question
Multiple Choice:
Select only the most appropriate answer to the question
1. The main objective for the diplomats at the Congress of Vienna was:
a. To limit French power on the Continent
b. To join Austria, Prussia, and Russia in the Holy Alliance
c. To establish the German Confederation
d. To keep British colonies intact
e. To agree on the best way of punishing Napoleon
2. What was the most significant aspect of Laissez-Faire policies? Laissez Faire = ‘hands off’
a. They allowed governments to intervene in the economy
b. They allowed the private sector unregulated access to capital
c. Governments declined to intervene to solve industrial problems
d. They integrated most western European economies by 1873
e. They were promoted as a public cost-saving measure
Identify and Explain:
Provide the significance for the item you choose:
Thomas Lipton
Declaration of Pillnitz
HMS Dreadnought
European Union
Erich Ludendorff
Reign of Terror
Who, what, where, when, how, significance
E.g., Reign of Terror:
The Reign of Terror refers to the period of extreme reactionary violence in Revolutionary
France between 1793-1794. After a failure of the National Assembly
Short Answer:
For short answer questions, provide a brief, two- or three-paragraph answer explaining your view:
The questions have direct answers, but encourage the use of background context
What factors led to the downfall of Louis Philippe?
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