HIST 2600 Study Guide - Final Guide: Manitoba Schools Question, Clifford Sifton, Quebec Sovereignty Movement

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Infidelity was huge: sexual double standards; men could have affairs in european, women ccouldnt at home, women could have their government funding cancelled, lots of divorce post war, wwii; and post war. English and french relations: beginning of confederation, 1/3 of population speaks french b. liberal party is fractured between french and english, canada first movement john a macdonald, parti national, mercier urges fellow quebecers to form an exclusively french. Canadian party that would put french canadian interests first: mercier is elected premier of quebec 1886, nationalism and provincial rights a. Canadians: pacifists, conscientious objectors and enemy aliens treated harshly wwii. Philippines to southern ontario: canada is the mosaic, usa the melting pot l. Imperialism e. a: development of western canada important, 1910 naval service bill so canada can build their own navy laurier lost election of 1911 to conservatives for first time in 15 years.

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