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final exam review (april 1 2014)

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HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

1. reviewing and looking back a. in theory i. masculinity and gender history 1. behaviour is influenced by the expectations of what is ‘appropriate behaviour for men’ 2. how they were opposed to what were expected behaviorus were women 3. wasn’t monolific 4. not everyone had the same experiences or expectations 5. how do concepts of gender change our perceived narratives about the past? 6. What figures were hidden from our sight without these questions? 7. How is patriarchy experienced by the dominant categories? 8. Periodization th th th a. Large scale change during 12 , 14 , 16 centuries 9. Altered categories (especially ecclesiastical figures) 10. New ways of thinking about power and access to power 11. Analysis of norms, but also how to access individuals 12. Importance of other categories and the way/extent they inform gender ii. Reasons for the slow start of masculinity studies
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