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HIST 3130 Final: HIST 3130 - Final Study Guide

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HIST 3130
Linda Mahood

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KEY: QUEEN VICTORIA Repression Hypothesis: sex went inward during the Victorian period. Domestic feeling that family were the heart of society. Women look at the domestic/home front and males work outside the home. Sentiment was also a word frequently used (notice the beauty around them and the purity) The stereotype was that they were very prudish. They were passionless, men may go to prostitution for discretion behaviours and women saw this as shameful and they required chastity. Did not talk about. Move inside the home, for reproduction, not pleasure. Conspiracy of silence. 17 Century Frankness about Sex Sex practices had little secrecy Words were said A tolerant familiarity with the illicit Lax codes and gestures Shameless discourse Sex was discussed in front of children History of Syphilis Sin, Science and Sexuality Medical profession--pressure group Structure for confinement (prisons, asylums, penitentiaries) Medical Hygienic Moral Segregation would make things more sanitary. Began arguing for hospitals where the disease could be studied (like a laboratory) They also wanted to look at the culture and the lifestyle of prostitution Expectation was that they would voluntary stay in the area for three months and go through mercury treatment. It was applied orally unlike in pill form like men who could get it at a clinic. They thought the cure really needed to hurt. (aka:Pox, French Disease, Grandgore) Origins of the Disease: Fundamentalist, Unionist, Columbian, Astrological Legal control: First appeared 1460s Aberdeen Acts (1497) Kirk Session (1549, 1587) Medical control (1600): Lock Hospitals (1800s) and leprosyo Cure: 400 yrs of mercury Syphilis & Popular Culture Prostitution was quite visual Joking about syphilis Only cure at the time was mercury (could get poisoning, similar symptoms) Lock Hospital: engrafted in poverty and filth vile and loathsome diseases Debate: Only for women with syphilis (physical) o medico-scientific vs. fundamentalist Resolution: o environmentalism o eugenics o Community responsibility to reform unhappy females Female penitentiaries for moral rehabilitation Fallen women spread it to men Still believe they have a moral responsibility to cure person even if its just to make the earth better. Some thought it was wrong to even try to cure it as it was just going to spread vice (fundamentalist thinking) Science has a responsibility for future generations (reform the unhappy females) Fallen Women and
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