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HIST 3130 Study Guide - Final Guide: History Workshop Journal, Old Bailey

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HIST 3130
Ashley Mathisen
Study Guide

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Final Exam Notes
Unit 5 – Crime in the Home: Infanticide & Domestic Abuse
Key Dates
1624: Act to Prevent the Destroying & Murdering of Bastard Children
1740s: Rise in the number of acquittals in infanticide cases
1741: The London Foundling Hospital opens
1803: Lord Ellenborough’s Act
1849: Rebecca Smith is the last woman in Britain to hang for infanticide
1872: Infant Life Protection Act
1884: National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is founded
1889: Act for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Children’s Charter)
1894: The Children’s Charter is expanded
1908: Children Act
1922: Infanticide Act
Historiographical Perspectives
Two new strands of historical study from the 1970s onward  (1) social history as a field
of historiographical inquiry emerged and was joined by (2) cultural history
First wave of historical research into the family life was family reconstitution: a method
of data analysis used by historians to determine the shape and structure of families in the
past. Developed by the Cambridge Group for the History of Population (CAMPOP), this
process involves the analysis of parish registers, which list births, deaths, and marriages.
From these pieces of data, historians can reconstitute the composition of a given family
over time, allowing for a greater understanding of the rhythms and interruptions of family
-Households began to be composed of nuclear families; marriages were companionate
and children were valued as members of the family to nurture rather than marrying
for convenience and showing little investment towards children
Most historians now agree that the private sphere and family life show the roots of social
Gender in the Domestic Space
Georgian and Victorian society didn’t necessarily condone domestic violence although it
absolutely occurred within the 18th and 19th centuries
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