HIST 3140 Quiz: Discussion 2 Notes

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20 Mar 2017

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Which do you think is more important and/or more useful: explanatory frameworks attempt to explain why a source was created. Exploratory frameworks attempt to explain what was occurring during the time frame in which a source was created. Explanatory frameworks seem to take into account more subjective views in order to explain the events of the time. Exploratory frameworks seem to be more useful to contemporary historians explaining the political, economic, and social conditions of the time which provoked the witch hunts and trials in scotland during the 16th and 17th century. I believe exploratory frameworks are present in wasser"s article, the privy council and the witches , mclachlan and swales"s article, twisted sisters , and. I believe michael wasser"s article, the privy council and the witches: the. Curtailment of witchcraft prosecutions in scotland, 1591-1628 , to be the most successfully argued.

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