HIST 3140 Quiz: Discussion 6 Notes

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20 Mar 2017

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Discussion 6 post: imagine yourself back in seventeenth-century scotland. I believe that the progressive nature of society has created a place where the majority of society feels no pressure to conform or fit cleanly into a check box" per say. As demonstrated throughout the course, numerous factors played a part in determining whether or not was accused as a witch; however, two major themes in accusing someone of witchcraft emerged for me during this course: deviance and notoriety. If one was seen as deviant (i. e. sexually, socially, etc. they were an easy target for a witch hunt. On the other hand, if someone had something to lose on the socio-economic standpoint, an accusation and charge of witchcraft could tilt the social scales and open up positions for those seeking a shift in social or economic status.

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