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final exam review (april 2 2014)

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University of Guelph
HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Hist 3200 final class april 2 2014 1. govenhall community development trust a. subsidiary of the govanhall housing association (1974) b. comprehensive community development incorporating government agencies with community support c. positive support for local people in the area d. providing youth in the area with services to help them lead positive lives 2. changes in education in relation to youth, changes in policy, government fears about degenerating population, fear of illeducated, underfed that would ruin the british empire, massive unemployment starting in the 30s, rising again in 60s-70s 3. subcultures that came about, teds, mods and rockers were as a result of affluent times, skinheads and punks were of poverty, how to youth react to the changes in policies and the economy, housing (major changes when the welfare state is set down in the 40s), 4. good intentions behind peripheral states, but they didn’t really work th 5. working class agency; how pe
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