HIST 3380 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Biblioteca Europea Di Informazione E Cultura, Triangular Trade, Sepoy

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Identify and give the significance of 5 out of 15 terms provided on d2l. 15 minutes maximum per question balance answers. No point forms (unless running out of time) no need to introduce and conclude the answer; stick to main points. Identify the term as it relates to what we studied should correspond to themes and concepts we studied from lectures, readings, and class texts. No outside sources are required to study the terms. Identification involves providing a concise definition of the term (as we studied it) some elaboration of time span (dates) and subject are required (imagine you"re speaking to someone who has very little background knowledge) Give historical significance as it relates to the theme tell the reader the chief points and highlight main themes (speak beyond the definition) Prioritize significant thoughts provide examples where a point may require it (keep facts and examples brief) Example: if the term was gun-boat diplomacy" this term relates to the british.

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