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Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 2740

CULTURAL FOODS REVIEW - Multiple choice, short answear, and medium-length questions - Need to have a general understanding of the cultures cuisine (macro) Studying Tips Emphasis on… - Knowing the terms and concepts in the glossary - McWilliams reading - Additional readings (articles) Q#1: Bread is often used a a symbol in many cultures. A symbolic use of bread might mean? A) bread represents an association with a religious value B) bread is eaten by almost every group of people C) bread type (whole wheat vs. White) is used to show higher or lower status D) a and b E) a and c What is commensalism? - a term that describes who should dine together rather than as an individual What is the most common hot beverage in Central Europe? - COFFEE What religions are often described as vegetarian and why? 3 marks Buddhism; most Buddhists vow to abstain from killing all lives, large/small Hinduism; because the Buddha’s emphasis on respect for life Seventh day Adventist; follow lacto-ovo vegetarian diet: alcohol, tea, coffee, and tobacco are prohibited Bagel---Poland Baguette--- Parisian (French) Naan—Middle East/South Asia Pita—Greece Roti—Middle East./South Asia Rustic/Multigrain—Italian Rye Bread—Sweden Do nations express themselves in th
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