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University of Guelph
Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 3030
Joe Barth

BevMan Final Exam 1Who changed Starbucks from a coffee roaster to a chain of coffee house with products from he had seen on a trip to Italy Howard Schultz Gordon Bowker Not sure which one2Spirits areAlcoholic beverages that have processed in an apparatus still which concentrates the alcohol by separating it from other liquids3The majority of Spirits contain btwof alcohol35 and 504An example of a Spirit isWhiskey vodka gin brandy calvados eau de vie run tequila arack5An Aperitif is typicallyServedwithtapasolivespicklesSippedandsavoredasopposedtothirstquenchingmade lower in alcohol content than liqueursserved before or after a mealIm not sure what the options are going to be6Aparir is the Latin word for Aperitif which meansTo open7An example of an Aperitif isVermouth pastis campari sambuca absinthe ouzo pernod lillet8Which of the following is not true about digestives There is a lot of facts about bitters so I suggest you guys read those slides over cause I have no idea what hes going to put9Which of the following is a cordial 10A large copper vessel with a swan neck connecting it to a cooling receptacle is calledAlembic stills called pot stills today11Which of the following is not a reason for disguarding the faints or tails obtained from a pot still12 Flowers barks herbs and spices can beinto alcohol to capture aromas and flavorsInfused or fermented13 Which of the following white spirits is made from grain Vodka gin14The apparatus used to distill alcohol continuously is calledColumn Distillation or columnar still15 Lap sang su chong is a tea that drinkers either love or hate this is becauseIt has a distinctive smoky flavour which results from a unique drying process16 Which of the teas below is scented with oil of bergamotEarl Grey 17Tea scum is often found floating on top of the tea brewed in the Guelph area which of the following statements about tea scum is falseForms when hard water is used to make tea
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