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Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 3060
Justin Taillon

Email Etiquette • Avoid vague subject lines • Convey important points first • BBC is risky • Clean up mess of earlier strings of replies/forwards • Grammar/Mechanics • Bulky-Long paragraphs- break it up • Too-long email lengths • Praise for good jobs, avoid conveying blame, avoid sarcasm, include emoticons/feeling and adjust style for different people • Don’t think email works best- use other modes of communication Tourism: “The activities of persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual envronment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes” Consider: • Distance • Length of time • Purpose • Motivation • Movement • Money spent Tourism Impact on Community: • Energy use (Water/Power) • Urban Revitalization • Economic Growth • Trade Deficits (cars for tourists) • Employment • Quality of life Hotels: An establishment that provides sleeping rooms as well as various services to the travelling public. E.g. • Air B&B • Couch surfing • Woofing • Parks Canada • Hostels Indicators: • Refer to specific information to enable proper decision making • Explains concept, highlights different aspects and gives suggestions on how to formulate indicators • ‘An instrument that gives you information’ • ‘Quantitative or qualitative factor or variable that provides a simple and reliable means to measure achievement, to reflect changes connected to an intervention or to help assess the performance of a development actor’ • Project cycle o Identification (plan) o Formulation (plan needs to be worked out into more details) o Contracting o Implementation (monitoring and evaluating the progress being made) o Final Evaulation o Policy Setting • Types of Indicators o Direct: refer directly to the subject they have been developed for- directly pinpoint the subject of interest- measured directly o Indirect: cannot measure directly- qualitative subjects like behavioral change- can be more cost effective than direct because looking for management information- gives a good balance between reliability of information and the effort needed to obtain that information • SMART: o Specific o Measurable o Achievable o Relevant or Realistic o Time Professional Organizations on Campus • Garden2Table: increase awareness of origins of food/healthy food choices • HFTP: Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals • MPI: Meeting Professionals International • PCMA: Professional Convention Management Association • HAC: Hotel Association Canada • CAFP: Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals • HTMSA: Hospitality and Tourism Management Association • CMESA: College of Management/Economics Student Association Professional Organization: A non-profit organization seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest Consultant: A professional who provides expert advice • Specialized in one area • Usually obtains a position when critical analysis is needed/organizational thinking Hedonism: • ‘The Good Life’ • Pleasure • Happiness and enjoyment are rooted in the principle of pleasure • Pleasure is the heart of Hedonism • Indulgence • Pace yourself with the good things in life that give you pleasure and self- indulgence • Considered a lifestyle in which pleasure and happiness are the ultimate goals in life • Hedonist: one who seeks pleasure and avoids pain above all else Networking: Why is it important? • Building a relationship with potential employers • Determine where you will most likely find your ideal prospects • Identify organizations, events, groups and clubs where members meet your profile characteristics and get involved • Small talk • Explore organizations dedicated to business networking • Look for people/businesses that complement what you do and might be a good source of referrals • Do not look at networking as a sales opportunity • Make a habit of being patient, polite, friendly to people • Do something constructive with the names and info you gather- stay in touch with meaningful contacts Water Cooler Talk • ‘We are Guelph. We graduate managers, not line cooks and FD agents’ Reasonable Care • The standard for determining legal duty • The care a prudent person would show to a person, issue or ‘other’ • Proximate cause: the relationship between the guest issue and the negligence of the hotel property, staff and management Safety VS Security - Location and security measures are co relational - Small hotels are less safe but people feel more secure - New hotels are being built with more safety and security measures • Safety o Protecting employees and customers within the hotel property from potential injury or death o Accidents, hazardous materials, fire o Freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger or loss • Security o Goes beyond protecting employees and guests and is also concerned with preserving guests’ possessions and the property itself o Theft and violent crime o Safety could be considered a category of security o Freedom from care, anxiety or doubt in regards to one’s well-being Crime Prevention - Lighting - Locking and monitoring - CCTV - Limited Access Points Risk Management: the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and or impact of unfortunate events - Creates value - Integral part of the organizational process - Be tailored - Systemic and structured Director of Security - Perfect if you like POWER - Skill set o Hotel mgmt o Enforce policies o Conduct investigations o Safety awareness o
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