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HROB 2010 Study Guide - Final Guide: Counterintuitive, Trait Theory, Abraham Maslow

Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
Course Code
HROB 2010
Michele Bowring
Study Guide

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Exam Study Notes
Hey guys, did you just get the email about the potential for ice storms & closure of
the university tomorrow? )t says they’ll update us at 6am if they’re gonna
***Please put your name or in progress beside the notes you are completing so we
don’t have duplicates***
Note: Chapters can also be split among people : let’s just keep the doc
Does anyone know if we need to memorize the history of the theories (dates, names,
etc.)?? **MC and TF are identical to the quizzes**
Alot of the questions are going to be application based on a situation.
About the exam:
Part one will consists of multiple-choice questions similar to those see in the weekly
quizzes. Part two will consist of some matching or short answer questions which may
require you to interpret diagrams or make simple sketches”.
Just want to point out that chapter 7 is needed if anyone already has notes for that!
(Leader-Member Exchange Theory) - I added it after transformational leadership :)
What is EQ and leadership??
Unit 1: Intro to the Foundations of Leadership - COMPLETED
Unit 2: Trait Approach - COMPLETED
Unit 3: Skills Approach - COMPLETED
Unit 4: Style Approach - COMPLETED
Unit 5: Situational Approach - COMPLETED
Unit 6: Path-Goal Theory - IN PROGRESS: Marissa
Unit 7: Transformational Leadership- COMPLETED
Leader-Member Exchange Theory - COMPLETED
Unit 8: Servant Leadership- COMPLETED
Unit 9: Team Leadership - COMPLETED
Unit 10: Leadership Ethics
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Exam Study Notes
Unit 11: Gender and Leadership
Unit 12 - Completed (no new info)
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Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Exam Study Notes
Chapter 1
Many different definitions of leadership
Ever changing, means different things to different people
Evolution of Leadership Definitions
Definition: ability to impress the will of the leader of those led and induce
obedience, respect, loyalty and cooperation
Leadership definitions emphasized control + centralization of power w/ a
common theme of domination
Definition: interaction of an individuals personality traits w/ those wof a
Traits defined leadership with the word influence instead of domination
Definition: the behaviour of an individual while involved in directing group
The group approach was introduced
Leadership from drivership or leadership by coercion
Three themes:
Continuance of group theory - what leaders do in groups
Leadership as a relationship that develops shared goals - based
on behaviour of leader
Effectiveness - ability to influence overall effectiveness
Definition: acts which influence other people in a shared direction
behaviour that influences people toward shared goals
Definition: reciprocal process of mobilizing by persons with certain motives
+ values, various economic, political and other resources in a context of
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